“We offer strategic, customised solutions
with an innovative edge”

Helen Edwards, Ceres Energy Managing Director.
  • Ceres Energy is a fully licensed UK gas shipper and supplier, with extensive experience in the gas market. We offer gas trading and operational management tailored to your needs.

  • We work with producers at any scale linking upstream supply to downstream end users. Our gas trading team has an in-depth knowledge and is bringing new entrants into the gas market.
    • Licensed shipper
    • Highly experienced gas marketing team
    • Licensed supplier to manage your gas sales
    • Operate at all points in the supply chain
    • Provide reporting and analysis

Meet Our Team

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    Helen Edwards

    Managing Director

    Helen has over 25 years experience in the energy industry and is an expert on gas purchasing, supply, shipping and regulation in the UK. Her roles in trading, gas shipping and pricing means she has a very commodity-centric view of energy markets. She founded Ceres Energy in 2008 and has been managing director since inception.

    Previously, in 2000, she founded a company that continues to provide consultancy and trading services to E&P companies. Before that, she was responsible for creating and managing the gas trading and shipping operation for Northern Electric, a role which included negotiating and then operating major gas and power contracts as well as regulatory and policy matters. She gained her initial expertise in long term gas purchase contracts at British Gas in the early 1990’s.

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    Richard Harper


    Richard has over 25 years of commercial experience in the energy sector. He has lived through the major changes that have transformed energy markets in the UK and Europe during that period. He co-founded Ceres Energy in 2008.

    Richard has worked on power station development projects, managed energy contracts, negotiated major gas and power purchases, managed joint ventures and resolved major disputes.

    He has been a director of a number of companies in different jurisdictions across Europe. He has managed teams of professionals and carried out origination, strategic and softer marketing roles.

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    Graeme Hunter

    Director, Gas Operations

    Ceres has an experienced gas operational team led by Graeme Hunter. As Director of Gas Operations, Graeme oversees gas balancing, trading, shortfall risk mitigation, operations and interactions in physical gas markets. He also advises on end user pricing.

    Graeme has over 20 years experience in the energy sector, dealing with national and international gas portfolios for major companies.

    He worked for Northern Electric for 12 years on a variety of roles and became Gas Trading & Operations Manager in 2000. He left Northern to work with Helen in 2002.


“Ceres Energy plays a pivotal role in UK gas markets and is paying particular attention to the emerging biomethane market.”

Michael WhitakerDirector, Aeolian Energy