Ceres Energy Limited acquires stake in Barrow Shipping Limited

Ceres Energy Limited has acquired a stake in Barrow Shipping Limited. The move is in line with Ceres’ intention to enhance its standing in the renewable energy arena. Barrow is a major shipper of biomethane from anaerobic digestion in GB.

Ceres will contribute its knowledge and experience of gas market operations, trading and marketing acquired in the conventional gas market to Barrow, strengthening Barrow’s position as a green gas shipper and supplier.  Barrow, with Ceres, will be well placed to compete effectively against the larger fossil-fuel based companies that are moving into the nascent green gas market.

John Baldwin, a founder of Barrow who has been instrumental in the development of green gas in GB, will retain a significant ownership through his company, CNG Services Limited.

John says,

“Barrow secured the first green gas supply in GB, establishing the green gas market, and will benefit greatly from Ceres’ broader gas industry experience.  I am delighted that we will now work together to provide a wider range of options and more flexibility for producers bringing renewable gas to the grid and to gas users looking to switch to green gas”.

Helen Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Ceres, says,

“Ceres has a strong reputation for providing bespoke services for its clients and we are looking forward to ensuring Barrow maintains and enhances its position as an attractive choice for biomethane producers.  The move will consolidate Ceres’ position as an innovative gas shipping, trading, and marketing company and will strengthen our independent voices in the green gas market.”

Tim Davis, the CEO of Barrow will remain on the board.  Tim says,

“This represents a significant opportunity for Barrow. The support of Ceres and CNG Services, two companies who are committed to delivering a sustainable energy future, will enhance Barrow’s ability to support customers in the green gas market.”

Ceres will support the day-to-day operations of Barrow from their base in Hexham, Northumberland.  Helen Edwards says,

“This move will help secure the long-term viability and growth of Ceres gas trading and operations and may result in further job opportunities in the green gas market in the north east.”


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